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What if you looked forward to Monday?

Take your work culture from
headaches to healthy

Our mission is to help you create a healthy work culture by focusing on the roots of most work problems: poor behavior and lack of clarity.

You want your team to improve and you want that to stick. Not fade away like the last speaker/book club/team building activity you did. No judgement, we've all been there. 

You need more than just another training so we put application and accountability front and center. Your team will work with us to apply what they learn.


Our partnership has customized follow-ups and individual consulting. You've got our support and expertise every step of the way. 

women yelling

Better behavior. Better teams.

Get rid of the nasty battles and turf wars. Stop the eye rolling and start more smiles. No more whining after work about you-know-who in that department.


Learn how to practice healthy conflict behaviors, how to develop respect and rapport with your coworkers, and how healthy groups work.

Same page. Same direction.

We guide your leadership in developing clear goals, strategies, expectations, and accountability for the organization as a whole.


We support you when you roll out your team's vision and help get everyone on the same page.

Getting everyone to commit isn't always easy. Our team will support your leadership to handle even the toughest of critics.

With everyone behaving better and knowing exactly what to do and how to do it, the foundation of your healthy work culture is in place.

three women walking
group of happy people

Is this for me?

  • Are you tired of having the same meeting about the same problem with the same people?

  • Are you ready for better recruitment decisions, higher employee retention, and productivity?

  • Are you willing to devote the time to learn new and sustainable ways of working together?

  • Are you willing to invest in your leadership and your people?


If yes, we have your solution!

Work culture matters

Defining healthy work culture is like trying to describe the air. You know you need it and it's all around you. You may not even think much about it.


Until the air smells or is toxic or is not there anymore. Then you really notice.


Sadly, most of us have experienced a culture that stinks.

throwing things off desk
stressed woman at laptop
business people tug of war

But it doesn't have to be that way...

Imagine a workplace where people get along. You respect and trust each other. You feel like you belong.

Teams are productive, efficient and reach their goals. They tackle problems at the root to solve them the first time around, not 17 meetings later. Teams handle conflict in fair, appropriate ways leaving no one scorched or in tears. 


Leaders are trusted and trustworthy. You actually look forward to feedback because it helps you grow. It's not an attack or a mark on a scorecard.


Everyone at work has a clear vision on what to do and how to get there. People are proud to be there. People are healthy, capable and willing to give their best. More often than not, you look forward to coming to work.


We'd love to help your work culture!

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