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Healthy work culture that lasts

No donuts or wacky shirts

You want do-able, long term changes that stick

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Our process is unique. This isn’t a quick fix motivational speaker or donuts in the break room or another personality profile to take. To be clear, we have nothing against those things. We find the effects don’t seem to last. 

That’s where we are different. We help you build a healthy culture that everyone can do and must do. You are building a culture that will last. You will get to a place where everyone knows what is meant by “it’s what we do here.”

Changing behaviors

Because not everyone acts nicely

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What do most of your work problems or stressors have in common?


People. Specifically, people behaving poorly or not at all. 


Our approach focuses on the core of a good culture–healthy behavior.

How a person behaves can make or break relationships and teams so you need to get it right. 

Your team will learn:

  • What healthy conflict looks like

  • How to get comfortable with fair conflict

  • How groups work best and why

  • How to develop a professional trust with your coworkers

  • How to rethink stress and self-care so it works for you 


Our content is based on decades of peer reviewed research and not the buzzword du jour.

Healthy people, relationships and teams is half of a healthy work culture. The other half boils down to clarity. Getting everyone on the same page, moving in the same direction, with purpose.

bullseye target checklist

Clarity is key

Purpose, Goals, Expectations, Accountability

Meeting time! Everyone gathers and the same two people talk, more or less just reading the agenda.


Or maybe you get some discussion, but have to "put a pin in this" so you can "circle back" after someone tries to find out what Geoff wants or if it's "out of scope."

This is why there are 1,560 products for "meetings that should have been an email" on Etsy.

Why does this happen?

Lack of clarity. Your team doesn't know their purpose, what they are supposed to accomplish and how. They don't know what to do!

Let's change that.

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Your leadership, with our support, will develop a clear course of direction and steps to get there. We train everyone on group dynamics and what should be happening so your teams actually get things done. 


In addition to the clarity around goals and strategy, you will develop and set clear expectations for how everyone needs to act and what accountability looks like when they don’t.

When the entire organization knows how to behave, why that is crucial to healthy culture, along with a clear vision for where they are going, you see a fundamental transformation in the work culture of your organization. 

This doesn’t happen overnight. You’re in it for the long haul. And it’s worth it. 

changing behaviors
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