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Our story

After providing mental health services for 10 years in the Cedar Valley, I came to the sobering realization that clients came to see me for coping with work related stress almost as much as they did for depression and anxiety issues combined. 


Toxic workplaces seemed to be everywhere, impacting just about everyone. Not everyone who suffers from anxiety or depression has work troubles, but it was such a remarkable overlap for many of my clients.


Although I knew my clinical skills and interventions could help clients cope, we weren’t truly able to resolve their mental health issues as long as they continued to work in an unhealthy organization. And “just get another job” is not a realistic suggestion for most of us.  


I found myself frustrated by the inability to create change at a larger level. Changes that could prevent the need for mental health services from work stress in the first place. 


I was inspired to found Renewed Minds Consulting after being invited to partner with a local school district to help with their teams function better. Using social science research and theory, I helped improve the health of individuals, teams, and the overall culture of their organization.


Through research and putting our ideas to the test, we have learned what works. The staff at Renewed Minds can target specific areas of an organization to reliably improve the health of individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole.


Our purpose is to partner with leaders, teams, and individuals so they can create healthy work cultures. Cultures that allow individuals to focus on their passion and what they do best.


I hope in time I will have fewer clients suffering in toxic work cultures and more who are eager to go to work each day. Folks who feel fulfilled and are able to live and work with purpose and passion.


~Jake Schaefer, Founder of Renewed Minds Consulting

Jake Schaefer

Renewed Minds Culture

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Our Foundation:

What we are built upon


  • A renewed spirit bears good fruit

  • Who you are is more important than what you do

  • Being your best is earned not a given - you have to do the work

  • Health is everyone’s responsibility - to do the work and honor the work being done

  • Healthy relationships navigate conflict with honesty and respect


Our Purpose:

What matters to us


To shape healthy cultures even under opposition.


Our Mission:

What we do


Partnering with leaders to develop a unique culture that supports both people and goals without compromising either one.

Our Behaviors:

How we act

  • People choose balance and contentment over extreme expectations

  • Relationships are built on respect over likeability

  • Teams will honor cooperation over competition

  • Culture that offers autonomy over captivity


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